April 15, 2002

House Bill 54: An Act Relating to Nonpublic Schools

Representative Barbara White Colter

This bill would have made significant changes in Kentucky law as it relates to home schoolers. Had it passed, HB 54 would have mandated the following:

  • Home schools, nonpublic schools, and private schools are assigned separate legal definitions.

  • A declaration of intent must be made two weeks before the home school starts rather than an enrollment report within two weeks after the start of the school year.

  • Instead of only reporting the name, age, and address of each student, the parent must submit the following:

    • Name, age, and grade level of students;

    • Address;

    • Proposed calendar;

    • Proposed hours of instruction;

    • Name of teacher; and

    • Teacher's educational level.

  • Parents must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

  • The home study program must submit scholarship and attendance reports to the director of pupil personnel.

  • Scholarship reports are defined as "including, but not limited to, a traditional report card, a portfolio of exemplary work, a narrative assessment, or other forms of assessment. Reports shall be summarized or tabulated in planned intervals throughout the year or at the same interval as the grading period of the local public school."

  • Directors of pupil personnel are encouraged to make at least one home visit per year, although this must be with the consent of the home schooling family.

  • Students must take an annual norm-referenced test either under the supervision of the public school or at the parents' expense.

The Kentucky Legislature adjourned on April 15, 2002 without ever considering HB 54 in Committee. The bill is now dead.

Action Requested:

HSLDA's Position: HSLDA strongly opposed this bill.

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