October 24, 2001

House Bill 4830: A Bill Requiring Home Schoolers to Submit Annual Notice of Intent

Rep. Michael Switalski

This bill would amend the Revised School Code to require the parent of a home school child to notify the local or intermediate superintendent at the beginning of each school year. Required information would include: the name and age of each child, the name and address of the child's parent, the number or name of the school district and county in which the family resides.

Currently, only home schoolers operating under exemption (a) (state-approved nonpublic school option) are required to submit annual notices of intent. This new law would require all home schoolers, including those operating under exemption (f) (home school option), to submit notices of intent.

H.B. 4830 was referred to the Committee on Education on May 30, 2001. When HSLDA contacted Representative Wayne Kuypers, chairman of the House Education Committee, to discuss H.B. 4830, he personally assured us that he would not allow the bill to be heard or pass out of his committee.

Rep. Kuypers urged us to inform the home school community of his commitment to let this bill die in his committee. "Home schoolers need to know they have a friend as chair of the education committee," he added.

Action Requested:
No action is required.

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA opposes this bill.

A study by Dr. Brian D. Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute has indicated that there is no correlation between high government regulation of home schooling and academic performance by home schoolers. To review the findings of this study, click on the following link: Home Education Across the United States

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