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 In The News (2016 Archive)

July 17:
Congressman Makes Fed Jobs More Attainable for Homeschoolers

July 17:
Homeschool Teen Finds Easy Transition to Alabama Public-school Football

July 14: WTVM-TV Channel 9, Columbus, Georgia
Mother Says Homeschooling is Key to Children’s Success

July 10:
College to Homeschool Grad: No GED, no Admission

July 6:
Families Share Homeschooling Experience

July 1: The Daily Citizen, Dalton, Georgia
Homeschoolers Get Wider Access to State Scholarships

June 23: The Asian Age
Is Homeschooling the Way Forward?

June 16:
Was Idea of Homeschool Audits an Issue of Lost Funding?

June 10: Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia
At Richmond Convention, Parents Who Homeschool Learn of College Options

June 1: World Net Daily
Case Against Homeschool “Criminals” Dismissed

May 31:
What Do You Mean You Don't Need Our Help?

May 22:
Biased Navy Program Nearly Torpedoes Grad’s Dream

May 16: The Global Dispatch
Former NFL MVP Turned Homeschool Dad, Shaun Alexander, to Speak at Virginia Event

May 3: World Net Daily
About-face: Ohio Will Allow Review of Homeschooler's Job App

April 30:
Districts Using Homeschool to Punish Students

April 25: Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Homeschooled Siblings are Three-fourths of UMW String Quartet

April 24:
Fight Rages for Falsely Accused Homeschool Mom

April 14: PBS Newshour
Growing Number of Military Families Opt for Homeschool

April 3: Portland Press Herald, Portland, Maine
Maine Parents Embracing the Lessons of Homeschooling

March 30: The Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas
Homeschool Stars become a New Talent Pool for College Programs

March 21: Daily Journal, Kankakee, Illinois
More Parents Homeschooling Children

March 14: The Daily Nebraskan, Lincoln, Nebraska
From Homeschooling to College Life

March 12:
Mass. Spurring Intrusive Homeschool Investigations

March 4: The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.
Want Grandma to Know Siri from a Selfie? This Homeschooled Teen can Help.

February 25: The Heartland Institute
Pennsylvania Homeschooling Family Beats False Truancy Charge

February 22: The Tribune, Chicago, Illinois
What Changed this Teacher’s Mind about Homeschooling

February 18: IV Leader, Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby, Illinois
Students Make Transition from Homeschooling to College

February 18: The Huffington Post
Confessions of a Former Homeschooling Mom

February 16: THV11, Little Rock, Arkansas
Homeschool Athletics on the Rise

February 15: The Christian Post
CDC Says Early School Day Is Bad for Kids. Is Homeschool the Answer?

February 6:
Homeschool Athletes on the Rise

February 5: Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho
Homeschooling Interest on the Rise, Parents Organize

February 4: Journal-Star, Lincoln, Nebraska
Latest State Ed Proposal for Homeschool Rules Make Both Sides Happy

February 3: Independent Mail, Anderson, South Carolina
Co-ops are Growing as Homeschooling becomes More Popular

February 1: PBS Newshour
One Homeschooled Christian Family Band’s Mission to Elect Ted Cruz

February 1: The News and Advance, Lynchburg, Virginia
Bill Advances to Allow Homeschool Students to Compete in VHSL Athletics

January 29: Black Star, Atlanta, Georgia
Racism Concerns Drive More Black Parents to Consider Homeschooling

January 28: The Telegraph, Macon, Georgia
Homeschool Option across Middle Georgia Comes with Benefits, Hurdles

January 21: World magazine
Home Education on the Rise in Europe

January 20:
How These Parents Work and Homeschool Too

January 15: News Mail, Brisbane, Australia
Homeschooling: Personal Approach Creates Harmony

January 15: The Christian Post
Social Worker Investigates Homeschool Family Amid Claims Children Are “Unsocialized”

January 13: Tyler Star News, Sistersville, West Virginia
Head of School Board Pulls Own Children From District

January 16:
District Loses, Homeschool Mom Not Guilty

January 4:
Concerns about Racism Help Drive More African-Americans to Homeschool

January 2: Forbes
The Reverse Tebow: Teens With Athletic Aspirations Leave High School For Homeschool

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