June 25, 2004

Political Involvement Can Make all the Difference

Wyoming homeschoolers have been bracing themselves to face a legislative onslaught by Katherine Sessions, a female Democratic State Senator from southeast Wyoming. HSLDA was therefore delighted to discover that Jana Ginter, a homeschooling mother, has been appointed to finish out the term of retiring State Senator Cathcart. Since Mrs. Ginter is a registered Democrat who lives in southeast Wyoming, Wyoming now boasts two female Democratic Senators from southeast Wyoming who view homeschooling from completely opposite angles.

While HSLDA cannot endorse or oppose any specific candidates (due to our tax status), Wyoming homeschoolers have established an organization that can. The "Young Patriots" organization has been formed to help freedom-loving families elect family-friendly legislators. Meanwhile, HSLDA's "Generation Joshua" has been created to let homeschoolers work together to support good candidates at the federal level. As homeschool teens and graduates work together to support good representatives, homeschool freedom should advance. We encourage all Wyoming citizens to contact their own state representatives before the November elections to make sure they support the right to homeschool. We have been blessed with liberty but we must be vigilant so the blessings of liberty can be preserved for ourselves and our posterity!