West Virginia
West Virginia

August 3, 2006

Roane County Corrects Math

A Roane County Schools Assistant Superintendent wrote a member family and told them their son’s test score was below the 50th percentile and suggested that remediation would be necessary.

The family called Home School Legal Defense Association for help. Staff Attorney Scott Woodruff called the Assistant Superintendent and explained that she had made an error.

State law requires students to be tested in only five areas: reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills tested in these areas, plus an additional area not required to be tested: “sources of information.”

The test listed a “composite” score at the 49th percentile, but this composite included the student’s “sources of information” test score, which was somewhat low. When this score was removed and only the five required areas were factored in, the student’s average was at the 56th percentile, well within the acceptable level.

Woodruff explained this to the Assistant Superintendent. She readily acknowledged her error and confirmed that the test results were acceptable.