West Virginia
West Virginia

March 6, 2006

Wyoming County Superintendent Withdraws Remediation Threat

In August, the LaRock family received a letter from the Wyoming County, West Virginia, school superintendent requiring them to initiate a remediation program for their daughter, Crystal. Crystal had scored below the 50th percentile on several subjects on her standardized achievement test. The family called Home School Legal Defense Association for advice.

HSLDA wrote a letter to the superintendent. We explained that West Virginia law does not require a child's score to be at the 50th percentile in every subject area. It only requires that the mean score for all the required subjects together be at the 50th percentile. Crystal's mean was at the 89th percentile.

We asked the superintendent to confirm in writing that Crystal's progress was legally acceptable and a remediation plan was not needed.

The superintendent withdrew his demand and wrote the family saying that no remediation plan was necessary.