October 4, 2012

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Platteville Acknowledges PI-1206 Not Due Until October 15

On September 22, Home School Legal Defense Association member R.S. received a letter from L.T. of the Platteville school district telling her that it had come to the school system’s attention that the family had not filed their annual statement of enrollment form (PI 1206). L.T. hinted that truancy might become an issue. R.S. called HSLDA for help.

An HSLDA representative called L.T. We explained to her that under Wisconsin law, the deadline for filing the annual statement of enrollment is not until October 15. We read her the statute (§115.30(3)) that says the statement of enrollment is not due until that date. We explained that because of what the law says, it was inappropriate for her to demand that the family file before the deadline.

At that point L.T. apologized and explained that she was new at the job and just using forms she inherited. She said she would change the form letter and not send it out in the future until after October 15.