November 4, 2009

Beloit Demands Homeschoolers “Register”

After the Andrews (name changed to protect their privacy) filed their DPI form, the Beloit executive director of pupil services sent them a letter acknowledging receipt of their form, but expressing dismay that it did not tell her the names of the Andrews children. She continued:

“If you have not registered your child/children with the School District of Beloit, you will need to come to the Kolak Education Center to complete the registration process.”

The letter told the family they must bring specific documents, including proof of residency and birth certificates. There were separate instructions for families whose children had previously been registered with the school system.

The Andrews called HSLDA for help. Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff called the author of the letter and left a message explaining her registration demand was unlawful and asking her to send out a letter of correction. She did not return the call. After several further efforts to contact her, Woodruff worked with Waukesha attorney Michael D. Dean to prepare a letter.

After receiving the letter, the executive director of pupil services called Woodruff, acknowledged that her letter was in error, and said she would mail a letter of correction.