November 3, 2008

School District Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

For years a Wisconsin member family received letters from the Johnson Creek school district offering services for their special needs child. Even though the family had told the school district they did not want to participate in the government-funded programs—because the programs did not help their child and restricted their freedom—the district sent the family another letter anyway.

The letter yet again explained the services offered and requested that the family let the school know if they were going to participate or not.

On behalf of the family, Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Chris Klicka sent the district a letter explaining the family’s desire not to participate in these government services. He assured the school that the family was following the homeschooling law in Wisconsin and meeting all of their child’s needs privately. He asked that the district remove the family’s name from their mailing list, so they would no longer receive these services.

So far the family has been left alone.

If you live in Wisconsin and receive a similar letter from your school district, please do not hesitate to contact HSLDA to contact the district on your behalf.