January 13, 2006

District Corrects Form

Recently a Home School Legal Defense Association member family contacted us when they received a copy of the local school district's Declaration of Intent form. This form, which homeschool families submit by September 15, requested more information than legally required.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt contacted the Sultan School District and informed them that their form was inaccurate. Among other things, this form requested the grade level of the child, their date of birth, and the family's phone number. The school district insisted that this form was to be completely filled out.

Schmidt pointed out that the Revised Code of Washington, Section 28A.200.010, only requires the name and age of each child. No parent is legally required to provide their child's grade level, birth date, or phone number on the Declaration of Intent form.

In our communication with the Sultan School District HSLDA provided them with a copy of our Declaration of Intent form modeled after Washington law. HSLDA member families can access this form online in the Forms and Resources section.

After reviewing our letter and form, the Sultan School District quickly realized their error and corrected their form. While HSLDA expects no more difficulties in Sultan, please don't hesitate to contact us if your school district's form is not in compliance with the law.