July 25, 2007

Chesapeake Retracts Another Remediation

The Potters (name changed to protect family’s privacy) sent in test scores expecting everything to go smoothly, but received an unwelcome letter in reply.

An employee of Chesapeake Public Schools told them that their son, Darren, would need to be on remediation because of low test scores. The employee asked the family to submit a plan of remediation and curriculum for approval.

The Potters then asked Home School Legal Defense Association for help. HSLDA attorney Scott Woodruff called the public school employee. He asked her to check her records to see if she had a birth date for Darren. She did, and it indicated he had turned 18 a number of weeks before. She quickly acknowledged that he was exempt from compulsory attendance, and the demand for remediation was withdrawn.

Looking further into the test scores that prompted the remediation letter, her records reflected that in two subtests—spelling and math computation—Darren was below the 23rd percentile. On the composite score, however—the only score that matters—he was in the fifth stanine, well above the state minimum.

The employee acknowledged that Darren’s test scores did not justify remediation. At Woodruff’s request, she agreed to place a note in the file indicating that, based on his test scores, a remediation letter should not have been sent in the first place.