August 17, 2006

Official Offers to Correct Error

Virginia families should be alert during this transitional year during which knowledge of the many improvements in the homeschool law is trickling down to local officials.

In Franklin County, for example, the Coordinator of Assessments and Grants recently sent a family a notice of intent form which was not fully up to date. The form correctly stated that for families operating under Option 1, a parent must hold a high school diploma or higher educational degree.

On Option 4, however, the form still followed the obsolete language and stated that a family must both include the Standards of Learning for math and language arts in their curriculum and “also” provide evidence of their ability to provide an education for their children. The “also” should have been “or.”

Home School Legal Defense Association attorney Scott Woodruff called the official and pointed this out. She immediately acknowledged the form was in error and said she would correct it to show that Option 4 families have the choice of either including the Standards of Learning OR providing evidence the parent can provide an adequate education.

Virginia families worked hard to obtain improvements in the homeschool law this year. Now we must stay vigilant to protect them.

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