March 7, 2006

Fluvanna County Corrects Misstep

Parents with a valid Virginia teacher's license can homeschool two ways. They can operate under the qualified tutor provisions of Virginia Code 22.1-254(A), or under option (ii) of the homeschool statute. If they operate under the former, there are no further requirements after the superintendent has confirmed their license is valid; if under the latter, they must submit to all the usual paperwork requirements for homeschooling, including an annual notice of intent and year-end assessment. Superintendents sometimes get these confused.

In early November, the Parker* family notified Fluvanna County that they were going to educate their children under the qualified tutor provisions of Virginia Code 22.1-254(A). The superintendent, however, wrote the family telling them they must send an annual assessment and notice of intent—i.e., treating them as if they had filed under option (ii) of the homeschool statute.

The Parker family called HSLDA for advice. We called the superintendent and explained that families under the qualified tutor statute do not need to send annual notices or an educational assessment. The superintendent promised to review the law.

A few days later, he sent the family a letter acknowledging HSLDA's communication with him and dropping the demand for annual notices and assessments.

* Name changed to protect the family's privacy