October 11, 2005

Colonial Beach School District Principal Steps Out of Bounds

An HSLDA member family in Colonial Beach decided to homeschool one of their children during the 2005-2006 school year. They withdrew their child from the public high school, notified the principal, and filed their notice of intent under the Baccalaureate Degree option with the superintendent.

However, they were surprised to receive a call from the high school guidance counselor. He demanded that the family send additional paperwork to the high school, prove that they were going to teach the Standards of Learning, and come into the high school for testing.

The family immediately called HSLDA for help. HSLDA called the guidance counselor, who transferred the call to the principal of the high school. HSLDA explained to the principal that Virginia law does not give him any authority to ask for additional information, homeschool families do not need to come into the public school for any tests, and homeschool families under the BA degree option do not need to refer to the SOLs in their curriculum description.

The principal realized that he had mistakenly applied the law, apologized, and agreed to leave the family alone.