August 10, 2004

Three Public School Districts 'Reach Out' to Homeschoolers

The school boards of three heavily populated Northern Virginia Counties--Loudoun, Prince William, and Fairfax--have recently adopted policies allowing homeschool students to take a limited number of classes at the local public school.

Many parents want to use education resources outside the home, especially in the high school years. HSLDA supports parents' fundamental right to choose the education that is best for their child. However, we strongly urge families to choose private home education. Keep in mind that whatever choice you use to meet your family's needs, you strengthen.

If you turn to the private homeschool community to meet your needs, you strengthen the homeschool community. If you turn to the compulsory education system, you strengthen the compulsory education system.

Many resources are now available to homeschool parents including co-op classes, on line classes, private school classes, community college and 4-year college classes. These options have expanded because of increased demand from homeschool parents. All of these options are outside the compulsory education system.

For those parents who are religiously motivated, it's clear that the public school environment cannot accommodate your beliefs, and, in some cases, will be hostile.

This is a critical decision and should not be made lightly. We urge you to consider all the issues and, of course, seek God's counsel through prayer.