January 10, 2006

Carry a Big Stick

The Home School Legal Defense Association's goal is to protect the rights of each homeschool parent to teach their children in the way that they see fit. Sometimes, that goal is easier than expected.

When the Clement family (not their real name) first contacted the school district about a driver's education course, they were told that school district policy had recently changed and homeschoolers could no longer participate. Utah's state law, however, gives homeschoolers the ability to participate in extracurricular courses, like driver's education, and the school did not have the authority to make a contradictory policy.

After talking to HSLDA staff, the member family called the school back to discuss the law, and mentioned that the school district could certainly contact their attorney for further verification. The conversation did not need any more than that, as the school district quickly rescinded its previous comments and indicated that the child would be allowed to participate in the driver's education program without any further difficulty.

This is a victory for this one family, but not for homeschoolers across Utah. Our goal is to ensure the freedom of every Utah homeschooler, not just HSLDA members. We will be watching this county closely to make sure they follow the law for every family, not just those with lawyers on call.