September 9, 2005

Challenges and Victories

Homeschoolers celebrated a monumental victory this past year with the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 59. However, from our many years of service to the homeschool community, we know that it takes more than the Governor's pen to turn a piece of legislation into the actual policy applied by school districts. The legal victory has been won, and now the battle has switched to educating school districts about the new law.

Tooele County, for instance, notorious last year for making unlawful demands on homeschoolers, sent its same packet this year, demanding that homeschoolers "apply" to homeschool. Thankfully, alert HSLDA members are more aware of the law than the district! HSLDA has been in touch with Tooele County officials, and we hope that they will bring their demands into compliance with the law without further delay.

Not all school districts have completely missed these important changes. The Jordan School District, for instance, made significant changes to its information in accordance with the new requirements. Jordan's forms were not perfect, but they are responding to the legislature's mandates and making improvements.

Utah homeschoolers have been vigilant in defending their rights. HSLDA applauds every family that has played a role in preserving the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.