May 22, 2009

School Attempts to Send Truant Officer to Family’s Home

On April 14, an HSLDA member family received an unexpected call from a public school official in the Laredo School District they had recently withdrawn their daughter from in order to homeschool her. The school official requested information in order to verify that the family was still conducting a bona fide homeschool program. The official informed the family that they would send a truant officer to the family’s home to collect documentation to prove the homeschool program’s legitimacy.

Stunned, the family called Home School Legal Defense Association immediately to find out whether the visit was necessary. HSLDA staff assured the family that public school officials had overstepped their bounds and that Senior Counsel Chris Klicka would draft a letter to the school explaining the family’s rights in the matter.

That same day, HSLDA faxed a letter informing school officials that the family did not need to prove they were homeschooling, and that sending a truant officer to the family’s home was absolutely unnecessary.

Soon after the letter was sent, school officials acknowledged the letter by calling HSLDA offices and assuring us that they would not require any more from the family.