December 4, 2007

School District Badgers Family that Moved

The Cox family (name changed to protect their privacy) enrolled their student in public high school after they had homeschooled him for one year. However, when they moved to a different school district, they began homeschooling again. Before they moved, Mrs. Cox faxed a letter of withdrawal to the public high school indicating that they would no longer be under the jurisdiction of the Bandera School District, since they would be moving elsewhere.

Despite the letter, the school district badgered the Cox family with phone calls. In hopes of getting the calls to stop, Mrs. Cox faxed the withdrawal letter again. The calls still did not stop. She faxed the letter again, and then emailed it twice to two different counselors at the high school! The calls still did not stop.

When the Cox family recruited the Home School Legal Defense Association for help, attorney Chris Klicka contacted both the attendance officer and the school, and both acknowledged that they had received the Cox family’s letter of withdrawal.

Nevertheless, the Cox family received an automated message every day that their son was absent from school without excuse. The Cox family was also instructed by the school district that they would be required to arrive in person to withdraw their son, tell the school district where he is going to school, and whether he is being homeschooled.

These requirements are completely unnecessary. On behalf of the Cox family, Klicka sent the high school a letter citing the law, which nowhere states that these requirements are needed. Klicka demanded in the letter that contact with the Cox family cease immediately.

Fortunately, the school district finally listened, and the Cox family has remained unbothered since.