December 12, 2004

Public School Demands Unnecessary Information

In Orange, Texas, an HSLDA member family decided to withdraw their daughter from public school and homeschool her. Per HSLDA's advice, the family sent the public school a letter of withdrawal stating their intentions to homeschool. However, this was not sufficient for the principal since he sent a letter in response to the withdrawal letter stating that the family must provide additional information in order for their withdrawal to be honored! In addition, the principal stated that the family must "provide the district with a curriculum that meets the basic educational goals of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and a study of good citizenship."

The member family, confused at this additional request, telephoned HSLDA.

The family is not required to send additional information regarding their homeschool program, let alone provide their curriculum to the district!

HSLDA staff explained the illegality of the principal's letter and immediately sent a letter on behalf of the family telling him that his request was unnecessary, exceeded the requirements of the law, and violated the family's civil and statutory rights.

The principal has not contacted the family again, and the family has been successfully homeschooling their daughter ever since.