September 20, 2002

A Friend In A Small-Town Texas Police Department

Recently, a public school principal in a Needville, Texas contacted the local Police Department concerning a home school family. The principal requested that the Chief of Police send a truancy officer to visit the homeschool family and demand that they file paperwork with the school district about their home school program. The principal insisted that this family was violating the compulsory attendance law in Texas and the children were truant until paperwork was filed with the school district.

What the principal didn't know, however, was that Chief of Police Michael Beard himself was a homeschool father! Chief Beard immediately called HSLDA to verify that Texas homeschool families are not legally required to submit any paperwork to the school district. HSLDA confirmed this. He also asked HSLDA for advice on how to handle the situation with the public school principal. HSLDA thanked Chief Beard for how he had handled the situation and also for his support of homeschooling. He replied, "I am very proud of my kids and I love home schooling."

We are grateful to God for His providence in bringing this homeschool father to our aid in just the right time at this small-town Police Department.