South Dakota
South Dakota

August 23, 2006
HSLDA Challenges School's Attempt to Impose Filing Deadline

Member Elizabeth Avery received a letter from Alcester-Hudson public schools asking her to file her homeschool application for exemption before July 7. State law does not require filing by any specific date, however. She contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for guidance.

Staff attorney Scott Woodruff called the school superintendent’s office, and a staff member confirmed that the school system understands that families are under no obligation to file by July 7. She explained that they had picked July 7 only because that was the beginning of their fiscal year.

Woodruff requested that future letters make it more clear that there is no deadline for filing. We recommend, however, that your application be on file no later than the first day of public school in your district—preferably somewhat earlier so you can have your exemption in hand before the public schools open.