South Carolina
South Carolina

May 2, 2007

Bill Would Increase Reporting Requirements

House Bill 3941 introduced on April 19, 2007, would increase the amount of information provided to public school officials about students in a homeschool program. This bill would require the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) and other homeschool associations to annually report to each child’s school district the following information: (1) the child’s name, birth date, and grade level; (2) the parent’s or guardian's name and residential street address; and (3) the date the child entered the homeschooling program. Additionally, these associations would be required to report to the school district a child’s withdrawal from homeschooling. Current law requires the associations to report only the number and grade level of children in the association each year.

Home School Legal Defense Association opposes any effort to increase the reporting requirements for homeschoolers. Noteworthy is the fact that other forms of nonpublic education in South Carolina, such as private or church schools, do not have to report such personal information about their students to public school officials.