Rhode Island
Rhode Island

August 8, 2011

Portsmouth is “Off” to the Races

The Portsmouth public schools have been sending forms to homeschool families asking them to identify the race of their children and whether they are Hispanic. They claim that state and federal law mandates that they collect this information.

In fact, there is no state or federal law that mandates collection of racial information about homeschoolers. Furthermore, the request is outside the boundaries of the home instruction policy the school committee established.

The form is titled “Home Based Instruction-Curriculum Form.” We believe the notice of intent form on the members-only section of our website is sufficient. However, if you wish to use any version of the curriculum form, consider using the form the school committee actually approved. Unlike the modified form, it does not seek racial, birth date or gender information.

To find the form go to Page 3 of this Portsmouth public schools document (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).