Rhode Island
Rhode Island

October 20, 2010

Cranston Drops “Family Registration Form” Demand

Many Cranston area homeschool families recently received a letter from the assistant superintendent telling them that it is “necessary” to fill out a “Family Registration Form.”

The form asks for child custody arrangements, the child’s place of birth, the child’s racial information, emergency contact information, other children living in the residence, et cetera. It appears to be a form designed for the use of families enrolled in Cranston public schools.

This morning I spoke with a representative of the office of the assistant superintendent and explained to her that this form could not be required of homeschool families. After I explained that the form was problematic, she quickly agreed that homeschool families are under no obligation to return it, and also agreed to not send it out again in subsequent years.

Families who have already filed an appropriate notice of intent for this year should feel free to disregard the “family registration form.”