Rhode Island
Rhode Island

November 29, 2004

Registration by Any Other Name

In September, HSLDA convinced the Providence school district's Director of Counseling and Social Services to stop demanding that homeschool families "register" their children with the district.

In late October, however, she told a member family that she would not submit their homeschool notice of intent to the school committee for approval until they "entered" their children in the district database. Upon closer inspection, we learned that "entering" one's children in the database really meant registering them. She had changed the label, only.

We wrote to the Director requesting that she drop her demand. She called and promised she would no longer require families to "enter" or "register" their children. She said that she had forwarded all of the homeschool intent notices to the school board for action.

Our freedom to homeschool rests, in part, on the fact that homeschooling is separate and distinct from government education. Efforts to draw home education into the government system should be resisted, whether it is called "registration" or "entering data", or a new yet-to-be-invented euphemism.