Rhode Island
Rhode Island

September 22, 2004

Providence Drops Demand that Homeschool Children Be Registered with Public Schools

In early August, several homeschool families told HSLDA that the Providence School District was asking them to register their children with the Providence School System.

On August 20, HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff sent a letter to the Director of Counseling and Social Services explaining that homeschoolers are not required to register in public schools. Ten days later, the Director wrote a letter to a member family telling them that she would not submit the family's notice of intent to the school board for approval until the child was registered in the Providence Public Schools.

Woodruff responded with a firmly worded letter warning the Director that their policy would not be tolerated.

On September 21 the Director called HSLDA and said that the school system would no longer require homeschool children to be registered. Homeschoolers have had numerous disputes with the Providence School System over the last several years over forced registration. We hope this is the last one.