Rhode Island
Rhode Island

August 30, 2004

Providence School District Pushes Homeschoolers to Enroll

The Director of Counseling and Social Services for the Providence School district has told numerous homeschool families that their children must be enrolled in the public schools in order to homeschool.

The requirements for homeschooling are listed in Rhode Island law, and enrolling in the public school system is certainly not one of them. In fact, homeschooling is the precise opposite of enrolling in the school system.

Enrolling provides little or no benefit to homeschool families, except perhaps the dubious benefit of reserving a seat in a public school near the family. Of course, most homeschool families have no intention of putting their children back in the government schools.

HSLDA has told Providence officials that we will continue to advise our members not to enroll. No HSLDA member to date has been prevented from homeschooling on the ground of failure to enroll in the public school system.