Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

July 21, 2006

Keep Homeschools as Private Schools

Almost 100 homeschoolers gathered in the Capitol Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico to protest P.C. 2754, which would require all homeschools to be registered by the state.

“Giving up freedom to get government benefits is never a good idea,” said Michael Smith, President of Home School Legal Defense Association. If passed, homeschoolers would come under the jurisdiction of the government for the first time.

Even the Education Department, which operates the public school system, does not support the bill because it would mean that every homeschool parent would need to have a teaching certificate.

The solution, supported by the Education Department and homeschoolers, is to allow homeschools to continue operating as private schools.

“Homeschooling is working in Puerto Rico,” said Jose Curet, Puerto Rico homeschool leader. “There is no need to impose these burdensome regulations on us,” he added.

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