Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

June 19, 2006

Restrictive Homeschool Bill Defeated in Puerto Rico

The Education Committee of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives recommended on May 8, 2006 not to approve a bill that would have regulated homeschooling on the island. If it had passed, the bill would have been the most restrictive homeschool law in the nation.

The report indicated the lack of “a reasonable balance between the right of the state to adopt the proposed legislation and the right of the parents to choose among legal means to educate their children.”

The report gave serious consideration to the Department of Education testimony that homeschooling is a private form of education “that is recognized in the Constitution of (Puerto Rico).”

The Justice Department also stressed the point that “the determination of the parents to educate their children under the legal form of homeschool is protected by the Constitution.”

Praise the Lord and thank Him for this victory.

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Education Committee’s report: Informe Negativo sobre el P. de la C. 1954  ( requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)