September 14, 2009

Housing Authority Denies Homeschooling

Earlier this year a Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Tulsa was notified by the housing authority of their development that they would be in violation of their lease agreement if they continued to teach their children in the apartment. Instead of homeschooling, they were told they had to enroll their children in school.

Seeking help, the family contacted HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt. After learning of their situation, Schmidt contacted the manager and explained that homeschooling was valid and legal option in Oklahoma.

In fact, Oklahoma is the only state that has “other means of education” specifically protected under the state constitution. In the original discussions to draft the constitution, several delegates specifically mentioned homeschooling as the reason it was necessary to include this phrase.

HSLDA sent a letter pointing out this fact and provided basic information on the family’s homeschool program for their children. Schmidt also pointed out that it was not a violation of the family’s lease agreement to homeschool their children since they were in compliance with state law.

After receiving this letter, the housing authority relented and allowed the family to continue to homeschool.