April 24, 2012

Letter to Daily News: Article Misleads Readers

Dear Editor,

The Dayton Daily News article “Homeschool oversight lacking, investigation finds” misleads readers to the mistaken notion that “problems” with homeschool laws led to the tragic death of Makalya Norman who suffered from cerebral palsy and was reportedly in a vegetative state for years prior to her death last March.

A reputable paper would not publish an article using the death of a child to advance the idea that homeschool regulations were at fault when three medical professionals who allegedly failed in their duties were involved in caring for this gravely disabled little girl.

HSLDA’s nearly 30 years of experience in serving the international homeschooling community match Attorney General DeWine’s comments that that homeschooling parents are conscientious. The tiny numbers of cases where homeschooling families are involved in allegations of serious abuse or neglect have shown that these families were on the radar screen of social services. In these cases the tragic results are usually related to a failure of social services agencies not following proper procedures. No homeschool law could be fashioned to protect a child whose care already involved three nurses!

With over 2 million children, the national homeschooling population has demonstrated that it produces excellent results by providing children with a safe and nurturing environment and producing superior academic results. Your readers deserve better and can learn more about the facts of homeschooling by visiting www.hslda.org.


Michael Donnelly
HSLDA attorney for Ohio Member Affairs