February 17, 2006

Educate the Educators

New superintendents are often unfamiliar with the workings of Ohio's homeschool law. Sometimes this causes problems, as when a new superintendent insists on regulations that go beyond the actual law. Sometimes, though, superintendents display an honest interest in homeschooling.

This seems to be the case for the new superintendent of Hillsboro City Schools, Arthur Reiber. He has sent out a letter to homeschoolers in the district, asking why they chose to pull their children out of public school. He includes a short form with a number of questions and a chance to comment.

Such a form carries both danger and opportunity. Of course, homeschoolers are not required to provide this information to the district, and this could be the start of a marketing campaign in which the school tries to persuade homeschool families to change their minds. That being said, the opportunity to give the district an excellent picture of homeschooling and the desires of homeschoolers is not to be missed.

The address of the school is on the letter. If you can, please write Superintendent Reiber a short, courteous note explaining why you homeschool. A good relationship with the district could be a blessing for years to come!