February 26, 2010

Summer Business Institute Grants Homeschooler Equal Opportunity to Apply

Since 1996, the Clark County Human Resources Department has collaborated with the local school district, University of Las Vegas, and the business community to run the Summer Business Institute for high school juniors, seniors, and college freshmen.

This year, as a Nevada homeschool student was preparing his application to the program, he was told that he could not participate because the review committee had no way of gauging his academic progress. However, he would be eligible to apply if he obtained a local school principal’s signature on his transcript verifying that he met the minimum GPA requirements.

Knowing she could not obtain a principal’s signature and questioning the requirement, the student’s mother contacted HSLDA. President Mike Smith wrote to County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly and the SBI’s program coordinators. He explained Nevada’s home education law, noting that homeschooling is an educational option that has equal legal footing with public and private school instruction. His letter requested that the student’s parent-issued transcripts and grade verification simply be accepted on the same basis that public and private school documents are.

Shortly after receiving Smith’s letter, Commissioner Weekly personally called the family to inform them that their son was eligible to apply for the program.