New Mexico
New Mexico

July 20, 2007

Legislative Wrap-Up—Traditional Marriage Survives

The New Mexico legislature closed March 17, but the governor immediately called a special session. It was during this special session that H.B. 603, which would have allowed same-sex couples to enter into spousal unions, was reintroduced as H.B. 4 and nearly pushed through.

Thanks to your prayers, calls and emails over the course of both the regular and special sessions, this legislation was defeated and traditional marriage survived!

A bill which did pass and which was signed into law was S.B. 1098. This law will allow homeschoolers to participate in public school activities by providing funding for the activities, according to the number of homeschoolers in the district.

S.B. 781 would have given an income tax deduction for homeschoolers, but this did not pass.

We are grateful for your vigilance and involvement to support parental rights in New Mexico and keep your ability to homeschool your children free from unreasonable governmental interference. A special thanks goes to CAPE of NM and all their indispensable work.