New Jersey
New Jersey

April 21, 2011
Cornell University Asks for GED or State-Approved Diploma

Kim Pepperdin (name changed to protect her privacy) was completing her first year of college with excellent grades when she applied to transfer to Cornell University in New York.

Although she was a National Merit Finalist and had outstanding SAT scores, Cornell questioned her parent-issued high school diploma and asked her for a GED or a letter from her central New Jersey public school system confirming that her homeschool program met “state requirements for a high school diploma.”

Members of HSLDA since 1998, the Pepperdins asked us for help. HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff prepared a letter to the Cornell admissions department explaining that parent-issued diplomas satisfy all federal requirements for financial aid. He pointed out that no state imposes requirements on the parental issuance of high school diplomas, and urged them to quickly clear up the issue.

A few days later, Cornell accepted Kim.