New Jersey
New Jersey

August 23, 2006
Investigation Closed after Attorney Call

A New Jersey member family was anonymously reported to social services for allegedly having a messy house, mold on the walls, smell of cat urine, and a cockroach infestation. After those outrageous allegations were proven to be unfounded, the social worker turned to the children’s education.

When the parents told her they were homeschooled, the social worker said she would need to contact the superintendent of the local school system to “check on their accountability.” The family called Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance.

Staff attorney Scott Woodruff called the social worker. He explained that New Jersey homeschool families are not required to initiate any contact with school officials, so the local superintendent would have no information on this family. She went on the Internet, checked New Jersey law, and confirmed that he was correct.

The next day she called the family and said all allegations were unfounded and the case would be closed immediately.