New Hampshire
New Hampshire

August 23, 2006
Bedford ‘Truant’ on Curriculum Requirement

There is always someone who doesn’t get the word, right?

The Assistant Superintendent of public schools in Bedford, N.H., proved that adage to be true. He sent a letter to the Jeffrey family (not the family’s real name) acknowledging receipt of their home education notice. He then gave them a deadline: “You have 30 days from the start of your program to notify us of the curriculum you will be using.”

It was in part to avoid unfruitful aggravations like this that homeschoolers worked hard during the past two legislative sessions to abolish the requirement of submitting curriculum information. Thankfully, this requirement is now part of the dust of history. In truth, it never served any useful function in the first place.

The Jeffreys contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance. Staff attorney Scott Woodruff wrote the assistant superintendent explaining that the law had changed. A few days later he called Woodruff to confirm that the family would not need to send any curriculum information to the school system.