New Hampshire
New Hampshire

July 31, 2006
Learning Curve in New Hampshire

Thanks to two years of hard work by New Hampshire homeschoolers, and the gracious blessing of God, families no longer are required to submit curriculum information to the local superintendent. There is a learning curve for local officials, however.

On June 12, Mark and June Walsh of Laconia, New Hampshire, filed their test scores and notice of intent. They specifically referred to House Bill 406, the bill that abolished all curriculum submission requirements.

A few days later the local superintendent of schools wrote back saying, “We look forward to receiving your curriculum.” The family called Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance.

Staff Attorney Scott A. Woodruff wrote to the superintendent and explained the change in the law, and asked him to confirm that he would not require them to submit their curriculum.

He wrote back, acknowledged that he had not been aware of the change in the law, and confirmed the family did not need to submit their curriculum.