October 5, 2006

Single Parent Success in Nebraska

When Nicole Braeburn* decided to homeschool her 9-year-old daughter, she knew that she could have a fight on her hands. As a single mother, she became anxious when she realized that Nebraska law requires both parents to file paperwork with the Department of Education before they can legally homeschool. She also read April Swift's* story and feared that she would face the same situation—years of battling for the Department’s acceptance of only one signature.

At the beginning of the 2006-07 school year, Ms. Braeburn called the Department of Education and explained that she had divorced her daughter’s father when the girl was an infant, and has not heard from him since. She has no way of contacting him, nor does she wish to do so.

The Department official told her that it was “no problem,” and that if Ms. Braeburn would fill out a different form along with the standard ones, and submit them with a copy of her divorce papers, the Department would be “happy to send the letter” approving her home education proposal. Not only was the official helpful, but she was also friendly and kind.

Ms. Braeburn credits HSLDA’s work in Nebraska for her easy application process, and is now joyfully homeschooling her daughter.

* Not her real name.