March 14, 2005

Education Lobbyists in Nebraska

HSLDA continuously monitors legislation in all 50 states in order to protect homeschool freedoms. With over 500 member family in Nebraska, HSLDA can afford the specialized software and staff that is needed to monitor legislation. When legislation that would harm homeschool freedoms emerges, our e-lert service makes it possible to communicate with hundreds of freedom-loving families in a matter of hours. This kind of organization is essential in today's political world.

Homeschool activism has to be well-organized and effective to counter the educational establishment. According to a Nebraska-based education blog, , education lobbyists spent well over half a million dollars last year.

A partial listing of the expenses can be found below:

University of Nebraska, $100,099.00

Nebraska State Education Association, $87,353.49

Lincoln Public Schools, $80,303.46

Nebraska Council of School Administrators, $72,461.66

University of Nebraska Medical Center, $52,000

Omaha Public Schools, $50,631.75

Millard Public Schools, $28,757.33

Nebraska Rural Community School Association, $25,000

Nebraska Association of School Boards, $15,785.00

Class 1's United $13,600

Westside Community Schools, $12,875.05

Nebraska School Finance Coalition, $11,377.16

Nebraska Association of Retired School Personnel, $5,000

We encourage all Nebraska homeschoolers to work hard and work together to balance the influence of educational establishment in our legislature. Unlike so many of the lobbyists above, homeschoolers only ask to be left alone. With your help, we can preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

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