October 15, 2012

Scott Woodruff answers questions and assists members with legal issues in Missouri. He and his wife homeschooled their children. Read more >>

Austen-Dooley Hires Homeschool Graduate After HSLDA Intervenes

A.C. applied for a job with Austen-Dooley (Austen), a company that provides services to persons with disabilities. Austen told her they would not accept the diploma she earned through her homeschool program. She asked HSLDA for help.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff called the Austen human resources representative working on the issue. She told him they could not accept A.C.’s diploma, in line with their written policy, because it was not from an “accredited homeschool organization.” Woodruff requested a copy of the policy and explained that the Austen policy needed to be changed because homeschool programs neither need nor seek accreditation since they are independent of all other education systems.

He pointed out two relatively new Missouri laws prohibiting government entities from discriminating against holders of homeschool diplomas. He mentioned that federal college loan programs and the U.S. military accept homeschool diplomas. The human resources representative said she would get back to him.

The next week Austen called A.C. and told her they wanted her to start training for her new job with the company as soon as possible.