August 15, 2007

Case of Poison Oak Gets Exaggerated by Tipster

During the last week in June, one of our Missouri member families was contacted by a social worker who had received anonymous allegations of neglect. A tipster claimed the family’s 6-year-old son had grease burns covering his arms, that another son walked with a limp from an improperly treated broken leg, and that the family’s baby had almost starved to death.

These allegations were ridiculous. The supposed grease burns on the 6-year-old were actually poison oak sores that healed very nicely. The other son’s leg had indeed been broken a couple of years ago and was treated at the time. The son now walks fine. The baby (born almost three years ago) never almost starved and is very healthy.

Although the family explained their children’s good health to the social worker, the official still wanted to come in. The family then called the HSLDA emergency after-hours phone line. Attorney Chris Klicka had the family send letters of reference from people who could vouch for them as further proof of their innocence. He also sent a letter to the social worker explaining the family’s Fourth Amendment rights and demanding that the family’s record be expunged due to the falseness of the allegations.

The case has been resolved.