September 15, 2005

Deadline Confusion

Some Minnesota school districts have been very forceful in their attempts to enforce deadlines for homeschool paperwork that fall earlier than the actual deadline proscribed by law. Other districts, however, are attempting to ensure that homeschoolers are aware of their rights under the homeschool law.

For instance, HSLDA contacted White Bear Lake Area Public Schools earlier this summer, after they asked all homeschoolers to submit their forms by September 15. Julia Jilek, the Home School Liaison for this district, sent an update letter to homeschool families. Her letter is a model of genuine effort to demonstrate respect for homeschool rights.

Unfortunately, other districts have not been as diligent as White Bear Lake in assisting homeschoolers understand the law. HSLDA has written to at least three other districts, who made the same unlawful demand for paperwork by September 15, without receiving any response. With the deadline now past, these districts are demonstrating a startling lack of concern for the rights of homeschoolers.

We are hopeful that White Bear Lake's example will set a positive precedent for other schools. Freedom-loving homeschoolers are making a difference in Minnesota.