May 18, 2005

Homeschool Survey Results

Last September, administrators in the Richfield Public School district sent homeschoolers of the district a survey regarding the local public schools. HSLDA negotiated a deal with the administrators, in which homeschoolers could voluntarily participate in the survey if they desired, and Richfield would notify HSLDA of the results.

The survey is now complete. Lisa Rahn, who produced the survey, summarized the results as follows. "The survey indicated that the most common reason families choose to home school was to personalize instruction for their children, followed by religious reasons and desire to spend more time with their child. Very few families were dissatisfied with Richfield Public Schools. Most families would not consider enrolling/re-enrolling in Richfield Schools. Suggestions for improvement of Richfield Schools included: students be taught at an individual level, more discipline, add more foreign language at RMS, perceived unsafe environment at High School, better supervision on playground and buses. Again, most said they had no problem with Richfield Schools."

Hopefully this survey will enable Richfield Public Schools to better work with homeschoolers in the district. HSLDA would like to thank every homeschool family in the district who took the time to share their constructive thoughts with the district through this survey. Thank you for your stand for freedom.