June 8, 2009

Family Threatened with Truancy Charge over Unnecessary Forms

A Michigan Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Kent County contacted our offices when they received a letter from their local public school district stating that in order to avoid “the possibility of your child being considered truant from school,” the family must declare their homeschool status each year. In addition to the letter, the school sent the family a “Declaration of Home Schooling” form to complete.

The family received this packet after they withdrew their children from the public school in February. As a courtesy, the family sent the school a letter stating that they will be home educating their children under Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated § 380.1561(3)(f).

HSLDA staff explained to the family that these forms were unnecessary, and that public school officials were overstepping their bounds by threatening legal action if the forms were not filled out. Senior Counsel Chris Klicka drafted a letter informing officials that the family had already fulfilled the home education laws of the state and was under no further obligation to the public school.

The family has not heard from the school since.