April 1, 2009

HSLDA Helps Homeschooler Obtain State ID Cards

A homeschool mother and longtime HSLDA member went to her local Michigan Secretary of State’s office to obtain state identification cards for her 11- and 13-year-old-children. For proof of residence and birth, the mother brought the children’s birth certificates, programs from music concerts, and library cards. The Secretary of State’s office informed the mother that these documents were not acceptable (except for the birth certificates) and that a school ID or doctor’s records would be the only acceptable documentation. Unfortunately, the family had recently moved and had not established a doctor in their new town.

As a HSLDA member, the mother turned to HSLDA for help. HSLDA drafted a letter verifying the home education of the children, as well as encouraging the mother to show the Secretary of State’s office her HSLDA membership cards and health insurance documents. The Secretary of State accepted the HSLDA membership cards and verification letter, and issued the students their state ID cards.

If you have any trouble with the Secretary of State’s office in obtaining state IDs for your minor children, please contact HSLDA for help!