June 19, 2008

Principal Demands Homeschooler Fill Out a Form or Face Truancy

When a member family tried to withdraw their daughter from Rockford Public Schools, the principal insisted (via a letter) that the family must declare their intent to homeschool each year and then fill out forms (which he included in his letter) in order to avoid truancy charges.

In Michigan, a homeschool family does not have to make any “declaration” of their homeschool program, nor are they required to fill out any forms. The family knew this wasn’t required, but didn’t want to face truancy charges, so they turned to Home School Legal Defense Association for guidance.

Senior Counsel for HSLDA, Chris Klicka, sent the principal a letter on the family’s behalf, explaining that declaring a homeschool program and filling out forms are not a part of the Michigan homeschool law. He then explained what the Michigan requirements were, and assured the principal that the family was following these requirements. He informed the principal that the family would not be returning any forms, nor would they be declaring their homeschool.

The family never received a visit from a truant officer, nor were they contacted by the principal again.