August 8, 2011

Harford County Misfires on Annual Verification

Harford Public Schools recently sent a letter to many homeschool families asking them to fill out the school system’s annual verification form. But the school system sent the form to a number of families who are in umbrella programs. These families are not required to submit an annual verification. The umbrella program itself sends information annually.

Even for families who are required to supply annual verification (those under the portfolio option), it is not necessary to use any particular form, or even supply the information in writing. Oral verification that you intend to continue homeschooling is adequate. If you submit written verification, it can be done through an ordinary letter.

If you received this letter and you are in an umbrella program, you may simply ignore it. If you are under the portfolio option, it is better to submit your annual verification through a simple letter than through the school system’s form.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff has asked the school system to stop sending these letters to families in umbrella programs, and to change the form to make it clear that using the form is optional.