June 7, 2011
District Makes Positive Change After Contact from HSLDA

Homeschool families in the Quabbin Regional school district were alarmed when they received a letter from the director of student services demanding mid-year progress reports. Families were not previously required to submit mid-year assessments, so the fast approaching deadline caused them to be both surprised and concerned. Why would the district now be asking for a mid-year progress report? Had the law changed? And what would happen if they could not put together a progress report before the deadline?

There was no new law—there was a new director of student services. When HSLDA Staff Attorney for Massachusetts member affairs Michael Donnelly contacted the director, she agreed to drop the demand. The director then sent a letter retracting the previous demand and clarifying that an annual submission would be sufficient. In her letter, the director also expressed support for homeschooling families, which HSLDA commends.

It is a frequent occurrence at HSLDA to interact with school officials who lack a firm understanding of their state’s homeschool law. HSLDA advocates for our member families when they are confronted with situations like this. We encourage our member families who receive such correspondence from their local school district to contact us so that we can defend their legal rights.